Autodesk, Inc. is a multinational software corporation that makes software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. In 2014, Autodesk acquired the Delcam company and its family of products, including PowerMill, FeatureCam and PowerShape, allowing Autodesk to serve the needs of the most demanding manufacturers in a variety of industries including mould and die, aerospace, automotive and medical. Autodesk software has been used in many fields, from the New York Freedom Tower[4] to Tesla electric cars.[5] Autodesk became best known for AutoCAD but now develops a broad range of software for design, engineering, and entertainment as well as a line of software for consumers, including Sketchbook, Homestyler, and Pixlr. The company makes educational versions of its software available at no cost to qualified students and faculty through the Autodesk Education Community, and also as a donation to eligible nonprofits through TechSoup Global. Autodesk’s digital prototyping software, including Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360 , and the Autodesk Product Design Suite, are used in the manufacturing industry to visualize, simulate, and analyze real-world performance using a digital model during the design process.[6]

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