Whirling or single point chasing of cylindrical worms!

Detailed Specification

For manufacturing cylindrical worms, the flank form is of crucial importance. This flank form is usually traversed and checked by high-precision measuring machines.
Thanks to our cutting-edge design options, we can now use the suitable worm data to create all profiles of the cylindrical worms types Za, Zn, Zk, Zh, Zc, Zi. The tool is thus fitted with an absolutely accurate flank profile – you can’t get more accurate than this!
The worms can either be whirled or single pointed with Schwanog tools. And the best part is: double start worms can be made in a single process and the manufacturing time and costs are thus simply reduced by half.


  •    Perfectly creating all profiles of cylindrical worms with an absolutely precise flank profile
  •    Reducing the manufacturing time by half for double start threads in a single step
  •    Using potential with Schwanog tools for both whirling and single pointing

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