Detailed Specification

The Neogrip permanent magnetic circular chuck is specially designed primarily for clamping very thin and small components such as small flat workpieces, profiled sections, etc. However, it will also manage clamping of larger workpieces and that is why it is a versatile aid in every industrial production.

The double magnetic system with neodymium magnets ensures a significant holding force during clamping to ensure stability of the workpiece during machining. This will give you precise results.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Circular grinding
  • Technology: Permanent
  • Holding force: 80 N/cm2
  • Min. workpiece diameter: 35 x 5 mm
  • Poles: Transverse
  • Regrinding limit: 7 mm
  • Pole pitch: T11 8+3 mm (steel/brass)
  • Guarantee: 2 years

Scope of supply:

  • Magnetic chuck
  • Allen key
  • Instructions for use


  • Finishing during circular grinding
  • Circular grinding in dry conditions and with cooling emulsion
  • A tool for various mechanical workplaces


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