VMX30Ui + Erowa Robot Compact 80

Detailed Specification

  • Machine including subcontractor software package + LNS Filtration Conveyor, air blast, LCD remote jog, Renishaw RTS, and RMP400 tool and part probing, EROWA Robot Compact 80 (serve 1 machine) ER-92000 
  • Power Chuck P diameter 150 with special orifice ER-102973 
  • Pallet diameter 148G 48 off in total ER-115308
  • Reference Bolt (sold in multiple packs 10) x 5off =50 off in total ER-046221
  • Hurco labour / travel costs (5 days)
  • Installation & commissioning of EROWA Robot
  • Modification to Hurco machine cabinet incuding installation of Pneumatic Robo door & elecrical interface
  • Machine to be equipped with the EROWA automation kit
  • “Job list for Automation”

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