V-Tech Zero Point System

Detailed Specification

Reduce your set-up times by more than 90%.

Self-clamping mechanism, constant air not required

Made from heat treated refined steel

Positioning slots allow for indexing by 90°


Created for use on CNC machining centres, the V-Tech Zero Point system’s unique design guarantees the secure and precise clamping of workpieces, even under tough conditions. The pneumatic, quick change and ZERO POINT clamp features compact dimensions, extraordinarily high clamping force and is made from top quality materials. V-Tech clamping and location elements can be purchased individually to easily adapt workholding and fixtures for lightning-fast changeovers. V-Tech receivers are also available as a. Each V-Tech receiver provides 24KN of clamping force and has positioning slots to allow for indexing by 90 degrees. The self-clamping mechanism means the force is still applied after the air has been disconnected.

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