Watch TurnTenFeed roughing big 4140 alloy forgings


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    Tungaloy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, friction materials, wear resistant items, and civil engineering p

    Detailed Specification

    Watch this very impressive footage of TurnTenFeed from @Tungaloy UK roughing big 4140 alloy forgings on a 1936 72″ King Vertical Lathe!!!

    Application by Chris Moore, Owner and machinist at Steward Machine Shop Ltd.

    Visit for the full videos and commentary of his impressive work.

    Chris says….

    “These tools can rip off excess material like a beast!! They seem to like a high surface speed, and a high feedrate/rev. The corner and edge geometry of this tool are incredibly tough and bust through forging scale no problem.

    I show a little bit of the one piece that is almost finished towards the end of the videos. I finished the surfaces with my go to Tungaloy SNMG-644TH T9125 for the OD and ID, and finish faced off the end with a Tungaloy DNMG-433TH T9125 to avoid the loose chips from scratching the surface at the low rpm the King runs at”

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