DMC head – Increased Feed, Speed, MRR, Tool life, Productivity

    DMC head – Increased Feed, Speed, MRR, Tool life, Productivity

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    Added to MTD CNC: Thu Oct 17 2019

    Tungaloy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, friction materials, wear resistant items, and civil engineering p

    Detailed Specification

    Tungaloy UK are having unprecedented results with our new DMC drilling head!

    Against another leading manufacturers replaceable head drilling system we have increased the Feed, Speed, MRR, Tool life & Productivity, not to mention the saving on the cost per head!!!

    Component material was 316 stainless with a 3% copper inclusion

    The customer has 8000 holes to machine, with only 1 hole per component

    Their current system was producing 25 holes per head, compared to 60 holes produced by the DMC head! – 140% Increase

    With a 27% higher Cut Speed and 67% higher feed, the MRR is 19.25(cm3/min) â€“ 53% Increase

    See the attached images for more details on the cut data and results, or why not get in touch with Tungaloy UK now and arrange a visit from one of our local engineers.

    Visit and take advantage of our Limited Period Introduction offer!

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