The Schwanog HSS/Carbide round shaft tool from Floyd

Detailed Specification

Very often, grooves, serrations, 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8 flats as well as special shapes need to be machined on complex turned parts in the small diameter range. Until now these processes were performed on separate special machines resulting in additional set-up times and increased costs.

Performing these processes on a single machine would simplify the process considerably and it is precisely these applications for which the Schwanog solutions using solid carbide and solid HSS round shaft tools were developed. As a rule, only a C-axis is required and the machining process is similar to the OD broaching process just using lower cutting pressures and best of all:

The part costs can be reduced by up to 40% using the Schwanog tools. As always at Schwanog, the tool is designed according to the customer’s application and turned around quick due to robot- supported manufacturing.


  • Part cost reduction of up to 40 %
  • Ideal for manufacturing grooves, serrations, flats as well as special shapes
  • Manufacturing on a single lathe using the C-axis at low cutting pressure
  • Tool design according to customer’s application

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