Tebis CAD/CAM For 5 Axis Laser

    Tebis CAD/CAM For 5 Axis Laser

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    Added to MTD CNC: Wed Jan 22 2020

    For over 35 years, Tebis has provided CAD/CAM/MES software and associated services for mechanical component, model, pattern, die and mould manufacture

    Detailed Specification

    Offline and interactive calculation of laser trim paths

    Tebis lets you quickly and automatically calculate sheet metal trim paths – offline, without extensive programming and no teach-in. We put your laser cutting machines on track with virtual teaching: You benefit from Tebis’ typical tight intermeshing of CAD and CAM.

    Laser trimming with Tebis increases your bottom line in sheet metal working

    Increase accuracy

    • Cost effective manufacturing of prototype and series parts
    • Shorter try-out phases in die manufacturing
    • Integrate your own expertise and interactive dialog-based calculation of trim paths
    • Use Tebis CAD functions and generate both curves and surfaces 
    • Greater reliability with collision monitoring
    • Rapidly integrate modifications and versioning
    • Design fixtures with just a few mouse clicks
    • If you already have laser cutting programs for which there are no CAD/CAM data, you still have options with Tebis. In just a few steps, reverse processors can transform the NC data back to NCJobs for ongoing development. The same applies to all the changes you have made to the CNC control in the NC program.

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