Indexial Multi-Sided Machining

    Indexial Multi-Sided Machining

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    Added to MTD CNC: Wed Feb 05 2020

    SolidCAM UK Ltd, is the UK and Ireland reseller of SolidCAM and InventorCAM, suite of CAD/CAMsoftware for manufacturing from SolidCAM – The Leaders in

    Detailed Specification

    The Most Powerful & Easiest-to-Use Coordinate System Definition

    SolidCAM is exceptionally strong in indexial 4/5 axis machining. SolidCAM provides an effective and easy way to program on multiple sides of a part.

    Tired of dealing with construction views, copying models, and rotating them in space for new alignments? Do you still copy and transform geometry to separate layers for indexial programming?

    • Simplify your machining with single machine home position and One-click orientations for indexed setups – speeds up multi-sided machining by eliminating multiple coordinate system constructions.
    • Define a CoordSys on the fly, by just picking a face, and continue programming your part.
    • SolidCAM’s “select a face and machine” is the fastest method for indexial programming.
    • Our coordinate system manager keeps track of all necessary data for each tool orientation.
    • Solid Verify simulation shows tool holders and fixtures, together with material removal for all machining operations.
    • SolidCAM provides you with the most effective and easiest way to program on multiple sides of a part.
    • Even if you’re only working in 2.5D or 3-axis, SolidCAM gives you an exceptionally strong Indexial 4/5-Axis machining solution.

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