Sodick AP250L Linear motor drive precision Wire-cut EDM

Detailed Specification


Linear Motor Drive System
Combination of linear motor drive system and a gantry structure has achieved great improvement of positioning and machining accuracy by taking full advantages of backlash free quick axis movement, while minimizing the deformation of the machine structure during axis movement. The new dielectric chiller and the surface level adjustment function ensure stable machining performance from the moment the machine is turned on.

The New “SPW” Controller
The new generation electrical discharge technology “SPW” has adopted the “Perfect Active Control,” enabling simultaneous control of high-speed electrical discharge and axis-movements by using serial communication technology of 1Gbit/sec. The oil machine features Eco Cut O, which allows oil dielectric to realize a same cutting speed as water dielectric to achieve the surface finish of less than 0.15μmRa.

Improved Operability
The machine features 3-sided automatic tank door and a worktable with 3 frames to realize the user friendly operations. The optimum layout of a valve unit and a controller allows an operator to handle every work at the same place.

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