KNCS-2G quick jaw change power chuck



    Added to MTD CNC: Mon Feb 17 2020

    Formed in 1993 as a specialist workholding company specialising in the design and manufacture of fixtures to suit any workpiece which requires holding

    Detailed Specification

    KNCS-2G: Evolution of the quick jaw change power chuck KNCS-N. The

    KNCS-2G features additional seals and an improved lubrication system for

    low maintenance. The chuck still offers all the advantages same as

    the KNCS-N. The proven wedge bar drive guarantees unmatched accuracy

    and rigidity. A low loss of grip force due to centrifugal force makes the

    chuck ideal for high speed applications. This design does not require any

    counterbalance weights which allows highest speeds without vibration.


    Sealing: The KNCS-2G is sealed by seals attached to both faces of the

    base jaws. Also the wedge bars are protected by mechanical seals. The

    seals protect the chuck against penetration of dirt and swarf.


    Low Maintenance: The lubrication system of the KNCS-2G is

    optimized. Additional lubrication channels and grease pockets integrated

    in the jaw guide ways ensure constant clamping force. The lubrication

    intervals are significantly longer reducing down times and cost for maintenance.


    Mass production: The sealing and the new lubrication system make the

    KNCS-2G also suitable for mass production.


    Compatibility: The KNCS-2G is interchangeable with the standard series

    of quick jaw change chucks KNCS-N. Existing master jaws still can be used

    without sealing. A small modification made to the master jaws and a mounting kit can

    upgrade existing master jaws to become 2G master jaws.