Schwanog WEP OD Grooving with 2 Tools and 3 Cutting Edges from Floyd

Detailed Specification

Yes, they really does exist – applications that get every designer thinking. One example would be parts with ultra-wide geometry, for which standard tool holders are not a solution. However, for us, challenges of this kind are a pleasure, not a punishment. Because with our great scope of production we are in a position to create special-purpose solutions quickly that reduce unit costs to the maximum extent possible.

The best example of this is simultaneous OD grooving with a special, wider holder and two WEP cutting tools that are precisely matched to the corresponding part geometry resulting in unit cost reductions of up to 40%.

But that is not all: Tooling costs can also be reduced substantially because the WEP indexable tool carries three cutting edges, tripling the tool life over a single-cutting edge solution while reducing tool changeover cost simultaneously due to using an indexable tool.

Use our experience to your advantage and forward your demanding challenge today!


  • Reduction in unit costs of up to 40%
  • Tool changeover reduction due to indexable tool w. 3-cutting edges
  • Elimination of tool set-up

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