Schwanog Solid Carbide Drills

Detailed Specification

With the new product line of solid carbide drills, Schwanog are filling a gap in their range for highly-efficient drilling applications. The new Schwanog solid drills are available in all standard carbide grades and coatings. And of course, we can implement all accuracies in a reliable manner. As is the case with our form drills with insertable tools, profiles for our solid carbide drills are also sharpened according to drawings specified by customers.

Technical Facts:

  • solid carbide drills for special applications with all coatings available.


  • Schwanog now can grind all precision relevant dimensions in a process stable production. High measuring system approved

Use now the complete product expertise offered by  solid carbide drills and form drills with insertable tools. And this at exceptionally short delivery times!

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