Schwanog Form Tools from Floyd

Detailed Specification

Form drilling and form turning operations can now provide significant productivity benefits of up to 80% with new bespoke solutions from Floyd Automatic Tooling, courtesy of the new PWP range from Schwanog.

The PWP-D form drilling range from Schwanog consists of a shank and an inversely ground and sharpened insert that is capable of machining up to a bore diameter of 28mm with a depth of 13mm.

The new PWP-D range offers a host of benefits for the customer by reducing tooling costs up to 40% whilst eliminating excessive tool set-up times and multiple changeovers for the machining of complex forms. Ideal for the production of complex forms in batch and production runs, the new PWP-D form tools offer considerable productivity benefits, set-up and tool changeover reductions as well as tool life and cost benefits for the end user.

You can download the catalogue(s) for this and various other products on our website.

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