Schwanog Face Slotting without any Milling from Floyd

Detailed Specification

Up to 90% time saving with Schwanog: Face Slotting without any Milling!

If you require a slot on the face of a turned part, then generally this must be carried out via a milling operation. As a result, this requires an obligatory spindle stop in order to be able to mill this slot. If you don’t have the ability of a spindle stop, then this slot can nevertheless be made via a polygon turning attachment or a synchronically driven spindle. This application is even considerably quicker than milling.

A time advantage of up to 90% can be reached depending on the depth and width. The tool turns with a transmission ratio of 2:1, twice as fast as the part. Only this considerably higher circumferential speed makes the slotting possible. Due to using two opposing turning directions and a 2:1 ratio, the result is a superior evenness of the slot.

In our current example, the diameter of the part is 10 mm, the slot width is 1 mm and the OD of the polygon cutter is 80 mm. The unevenness of the slot, due to the two turning directions, is always dependent on the slot length and OD of the cutter. In our example the unevenness amounted to a mere 0.01 mm and therefore was falling clearly in the given tolerance. 


  • Economical and technological alternative to milling
  • Time advantage of up to 90% depending on depth and width
  • Low unevenness dependent upon slot length and OD of the tool

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