Schwanog Chip Control

Detailed Specification


Preventing chips in the bore:

When turning the face of a part, chip residue in the bore is not just troublesome, but also is very cost intensive. After all, functional bores need to be absolutely clean and free of chips.

In this particular case, the precision parts had to be 100% inspected and the chip residue needed to be cleaned out of the affected parts by hand. This operation absorbed about 10 hours of labor every week. With labor costs of € 35/hour, this long running, high batch job, was costing about € 17,500 annually.

The Schwanog team was asked to find a solution to reduce the rework costs. After intensive design deliberations, a clever and entirely reliable solution was found. The Schwanog engineers designed the holder with an extension which functioned as a plug that moved into the bore prior to the actual facing operation, preventing chips from entering the bore. This solution is yet another great example of how Schwanog can help customers to achieve substantial cost reductions with customized tooling solutions.


  • Highly efficient facing without chip residue problem
  • Individually designed holder solution that prevents chip from entering the bore
  • Elimination of entire manual operation resulting in annual savings of €17,500

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