VERO-S Zero Point Clamping Systems

    VERO-S Zero Point Clamping Systems

    Supplied BySchunk Intec Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Mon Oct 19 2020

    The company was founded in 1945 by Friedrich Schunk as a mechanical workshop, and has developed under the leadership of his son, Heinz-Dieter Schunk,

    Detailed Specification

    VERO-S is the modular quick-change pallet system for very fast and extremely precise resetting of workpieces, clamping devices or other equipment on modern 3, 4 or 5-axis machining centers. It reduces set-up times by up to 90% and thus ensures optimum use of the machine capacity. VERO-S clamps workpieces, pallets, modules for stationary use, and tombstones using one or more clamping pins.

    The largest modular system for individualists, SCHUNK VERO-S clamps workpieces, pallets, clamping stations, and tombstones via one or more clamping pins and offers the best clamping solution for every machine. Module height extensions offer additional flexibility. With SCHUNK almost everything can be clamped – micron precise and according to your individual requirements.

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