Schaublin SRS from Floyd

Detailed Specification

We have now launched the Schaublin Runout Adjustment System (SRS) into the UK marketplace. The new Schaublin SRS clamping system enables the machine operator to adjust the concentricity of the collet to a runout of less than 0.002mm along the whole length of the component or tool shank.

The advantages of the SRS collet adapting device are numerous:

  • Delivers remarkable precision with an easy adjustment process.
  • Developed to minimise maintenance requirements with remarkable protection from dirt, dust and swarf ingress.
  • Extremely flexible
  • Compatible with a wide variety of machine tools.
  • The set-up procedure for the SRS system is remarkably simple.

The patented SRS system is delivered in a protective box that contains a nose collet, a USB Key, a cylindrical gauge, a screw, hexagonal key and an elastic washer. The draw bar, set-up key and threaded adaptor must be ordered separately to suit the type and size of the SRS chosen by the customer.

You can download the catalogue(s) for this and various other products on our website.

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