The QCut & QPlus carbide milling cutters from Quickgrind

    The QCut & QPlus carbide milling cutters from Quickgrind

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    Quickgrind Ltd. has an international reputation for the design, development and manufacture of solid carbide and high speed steel cutting tools for us

    Detailed Specification

    The QCut and Qplus End Mills are an invaluable tool for any machine shop. With its extended flute length, tough submicrograin carbide and wear-resistant coating this is a very economic ‘go to’ tool. These performance tools are a must for any machine shop and they are also Designed and Made in the UK. 


    • Available with square corner, chamfer or various radii
    • Force-resistive submicrograin carbide for strength& toughness
    • Shank options HA/HB/HC (6h standard, others as required)
    • Superior grinding, reinforced flute, unique edge preparation provide high material removal rates and excellent chip evacuation
    • Optimised flute design for maximum chip space and swarf evacuation
    • 4, 5 & 6 flute versions with or without chip breakers
    • High resistance to wear due to enhanced geometry


    • Roughing & finishing
    • Slotting•Profiling
    • HSM strategic milling
    • Trochoidal milling
    • Ramping
    • Bullnose versions for complex work
    • Various edge options


    • Higher feeds & speeds
    • Higher wear resistance
    • Vibration suppression
    • Increased material removal rates
    • Efficient chip removal
    • Low cutting forces
    • Excellent finish
    • Can be remanufactured many times
    • High rigidity

    Full brochure available here.