Qukckgrind – Orbis High Technology Lollipop Cutters

    Qukckgrind – Orbis High Technology Lollipop Cutters

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    Quickgrind Ltd. has an international reputation for the design, development and manufacture of solid carbide and high speed steel cutting tools for us

    Detailed Specification

    Quickgrind’s new Orbis high technology lollipop cutters are designed for multiple applications in virtually all materials from aluminium to peek, stainless steel to titanium and others. Lollipop tools are often only used for undercuts and de-burring. Orbis is setting new standards of unrivalled high performance and surface finish in applications and component features that have previously caused many issues.

    Orbis-O (Optimal) ‘O’ is for Optimal. With Orbis-O we will design the geometry and coating you need for your application. Although we have three main geometries it is imperative to us to work with you to produce the very best tool for your work.

    Orbis-A Uncoated for aluminium/TB-Plus coated for plastics. This geometry is ideally suited for the machining of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Available in uncoated and coated versions using our TB-Plus coating, which is especially suited for plastics. Often three flutes are sufficient but where needed we will suggest multi-flute variants. Orbis-A was developed for aerospace applications which demand the highest quality and tightest tolerances.

    Orbis-D MX coated for steels. This geometry with its MX coating is designed for the efficient machining of all types of steel. Multi-flute options from 4 to 20 can be produced where required. Orbis-D is a firm favourite of our many or our mould and die clients around the world.

    Orbis-S XRed coated for stainless steels and titanium. The ideal geometry for HSC of stainless steels and titanium and evolved as a direct result of our involvement in the motorsport industry, this tool excels in difficult applications. Orbis-S is often used in tube machining where the component requires the smallest neck diameter and longest reach to efficiently produce the feature with one tool.

    Applications & benefits

    • Spherical cutting in all directions
    • Sphere angle only limited by shank diameter
    • Huge options of neck reach and diameter
    • Multiple flute numbers
    • Uncoated and coated
    • High speed cutting HSC
    • Machine manifolds and ports
    • Helical interpolation
    • Milling of complex thin walled components
    • Machining contour shapes


    • 300°plus spherical cutting options
    • Multi-flute (2 to 20) and coating options
    • Tapered neck for clearance and strength
    • Shank options HA/HB/HC (6h standard, others as required)
    • Force-resistive submicrograin carbide for strength and toughness
    • Spherical cutting in all directions

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