Quickgrind – Infinite Possibilities Ethos – A new way of working

    Quickgrind – Infinite Possibilities Ethos – A new way of working

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    Quickgrind Ltd. has an international reputation for the design, development and manufacture of solid carbide and high speed steel cutting tools for us

    Detailed Specification

    What if you could have the optimum tool, with the marginal cost increase more than covered by improved production throughput and efficiency? With Quickgrind, you can. Welcome to a world of Infinite Possibilities™.

    At Quickgrind we do not limit ourselves to standard ranges, and we do not limit you to tools we happen to have in stock and want to sell you. Instead, our mission is to provide you with solution-based tooling, to give you the right tool, for the right job, at the right price. Our tools can be designed specifically for your application and are available in virtually any size, diameter, radius, neck relief, coating or reach. Many are available with chip-breaker, through-coolant and other options.End the compromise of standard tooling. Contact our team today to discuss your applications, aims and requirements, and discover Quickgrind’s world of Infinite Possibilities™.

    Infinite Possibilities options and ideas

    • Consider using chip-breaker end mills when roughing or trochoidal milling
    • Through-coolant with axial or radial options
    • Stub length with short flutes will give high stability
    • Long overall length (up to 330mm) will give you the reach you need – just ask us
    • Why compromise with standard catalogue items when a customised tool will give you everything you need at virtually the same price
    • Our TX coating is available for all aluminium materials and will give you excellent tool life

    Our aim

    To be a supportive, stable and financially strong supply chain partner that is dedicated to continuous improvement, working with like-minded clients who value and require:

    • A personalised and responsive service with rapid turnaround capabilities
    • Affordable and mission-capable quality products that are environmentally friendly and progressive
    • Constant innovation as the “norm” and made available as soon as demanded

    We aim to be your trusted partner in innovation and stability, completely aligned with your requirement.

    See the full brochure here.