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Quickgrind High Feed End Mills – Spectre, Phantom, Bulldog & Reaper

Supplied By Quickgrind

Added to MTDCNC: Mon Sep 14 2020

Detailed Specification

The precision ground end geometry of our high feed ranges allows for highly efficient chip removal at high feed rates.The strategy involves using shallow depth of cut (ap) to produce small average chip thickness eliminating vibration and tool deflection. This is compensated by utilizing high feed rates resulting in greatly reduce cycle times by up 60% in some cases.The tools lend themselves to roughing and semi-finishing operations in deep and shallow pockets and are designed with cutting geometries to suit a wide range of materials. Available from 2.00mm to 32.00mm diameter in numerous lengths from stub to extra extra long.


  • 2 to 11 flutes
  • Rough machining operations such as slotting, pocket milling and contour machining
  • Pocketing with high length over diameter ratios and intricate features
  • Consider these tools where the use of small diameter, long series and extra long end mills is fraught with danger
  • Plunging or helical ramping
  • Stainless steels, duplex, super duplex, Inconel, titanium, PH materials, tools steels, cast iron and hardened steels


  • Unique edge geometry lowers cutting forces
  • Strong, stable and efficient machining
  • Coating aids chip flow with high wear-resistance
  • Ideal for extended reach in deep cavities

The Phantom is a 4 flute that performs like a 16 flute – so said one happy client. A development of our Spectre, the Phantom is a lens type tool that has been designed to be remanufactured many times.HIGH FEED LENS TOOLPhantoms achieve 5-6x tool life over normal end mills in roughing operations and have become firm favourites in motorsport and aerospace, where they are used to machine titanium and stainless steel.Through-coolant versions blast away chips and can last three to four times longer than non-through-coolant tools.

The Spectre solid carbide coated high feed tool was initially developed as a 3 flute to machine deep pockets at a UK F1 team. Due to its success Spectre has also now been produced with 5 flutes.As with all high feed tools the large radii enables excellent stability when roughing at high feed rates. The combination of our unique geometry, small depth of cut and high feed means clients realise a very good ROI. Cycle times are reduced resulting in greatly improved production throughput

The superior Bulldog mould and die tool is available in an almost infinite choice of size, diameter, radius and reach. This state-of-the-art masterpiece produces exceptional results with significant productivity increases and reduced production costs. Specially designed to reduce vibration under heavy cutting conditions and with high volume metal removal (HV-MRR), Bulldog is ideal for operations such as deep pocketing and slotting in difficult to machine materials without push-off as found with inferior tools.

  • Higher speeds and feeds possible with increased productivity and high metal removal rates
  • XRed and MX coatings aid chip flow and give high resistance to wear
  • Developed to suppress vibration and harmonics with reduced machining forces and to give increased tool life
  • Enhanced radii geometries ensure high stability during machining with enhanced chip flow
  • Unequal helix and variable flute design
  • Strengthened core
  • Ideal for roughing applications in mould and die steels
  • Suitable for tool steels such as H11, H13, D2 and P20and hardened alloys up to 62HRC

Reaper is available in stub and short length in sizes from 6.00to 12.00mm, this tool performs extremely well in hardened steels such as H13 and D2 ≥45Hrc. A highly efficient rouging tool for producing pockets and cavities up to 1″/25mm deep, Reaper’s 4 flutes and specially designed end geometry make it suitable for running at high speed and feed taking shallow depths of cut.

Full brochure available here.

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