Quickgrind Educational Support Team – QUEST Programme

    Quickgrind Educational Support Team – QUEST Programme

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    Quickgrind Ltd. has an international reputation for the design, development and manufacture of solid carbide and high speed steel cutting tools for us

    Detailed Specification

    As a brand, Quickgrind is recognised as the technology benchmark in solid carbide cutting tool manufacture and development. Since our inception over 50 years ago, Quickgrind has strived to manufacture ground-breaking and world leading cutting tool innovations. Manufacturing and distributing our products to cutting-edge manufacturers in a variety of industry sectors in over 37 countries and educating clients on best practice application, education has always been part of our company DNA.

    The entry point to the manufacturing industry is education. Whether it is through college, university, school or vocational on-the-job training, getting the fundamental steps of manufacturing practices is critical. Taking this into account, it is paramount that the best education ,practices and products are available for the engineers of tomorrow – from day one. When Quickgrind’s cutting tool technology is introduced at grass roots level of the learning curve, you can rest assured that the next generation of engineers are going to be working with the very highest quality solid carbide cutting tools. At Quickgrind, we feel it is a fundamental responsibility of industry to nurture and develop the engineers of tomorrow. We take our commitment to closing the potential skill gap between academia and the fast-changing manufacturing sector very seriously.Part of our business philosophy is to support and enrich the training of apprentices and students whilst delivering relevance to the ever changing industrial landscape. We aim to ensure nobody is denied access to the best that industry has to offer whilst on their road to a successful career in manufacturing.At Quickgrind we are very actively involved with educational facilities throughout the UK and Ireland at all levels. Working in synergy with colleges and universities, the educational establishments and their students benefit from our extensive knowledge and quality of tooling.

    We call this the Quest Programme, and we invite you to join us.

    How does Quest work?

    The Quest Programme works on a number of levels. We will supply our high performance cutting tools to your educational establishment at very cost effective prices with unsurpassed levels of support.These products are the benchmark in high-tech industry sectors such as the aerospace, motorsport & F1, automotive, mould & die, medical sector and many more. We do not supply ‘inferior quality’ products based on the assumption that ‘it’s only for students and apprentices.

    QuickCam Facility

    Along with the excellent quality of the cutting tools and technical support, Quickgrind can offer its unique QuickCam facility to improve CNC machining strategies. This CAD application facility can allow machine shops with 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machine tools to run tool strategies in-line with manufacturing industry parameters. You can send us a model of your component or we will visit you on-site to look at your applications. This also gives students an insight and education on the use of industry leading application based CAD packages. This product has restrictions and limitations per facility and charges may apply.


    When a college or university works with Quickgrind our aim is to install a QuickVend vending machine for quick access to tooling. Vending is now commonplace throughout industry and it has become an integral part of tool purchase, management and accounting. Introducing students to vending and even the possibility of adding it to the curriculum is advantageous for trainees and colleges. Vending exposes students and apprentices to industry methodologies that encompass inventory management, stock control, accounting and cost management as well as security and accountability for stock, all industry-applied strategies.


    Our aim is to engage as many colleges, schools and universities in the Quest Programme as we possibly can throughout the UK and Ireland. By supporting the education sector we are fulfilling our responsibility to deliver the ‘engineers of tomorrow’ and this runs parallel to our philosophy and commitment to in-house training, innovation and development.