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Quickgrind Alligator and Caiman – high productivity machining of aluminium and other non-ferrous materials

Supplied By Quickgrind

Added to MTDCNC: Mon Sep 14 2020

Detailed Specification

The Alligator and Caiman ranges are designed for high productivity machining of aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. Superior grinding techniques provide high material removal rates and excellent chip evacuation.

The Alligator is designed for machining a wide range of non-ferrous materials such as aluminium alloys. Versions are available as standard in 2 flute,3 flute and 2 flute long reach for those difficult to reach areas. A well-proven, tried and tested design that has been used for many years on a huge range of components from aerospace and motorsport to mould and die parts

The Caiman is fast becoming the preferred tool when machining 6000 and 7000 series aluminium such as 6082 and 7075. Roughing and finishing at high speeds and feed rates are where this tool excels.Combine this with trochoidal milling where 25% + width of cut (ae) and depth of cuts (ap) of 2-3 xD are possible, this tool provides high MRR and excellent swarf evacuation resulting in very high tool life. When provided with our chip breaker flute form, full flute engagement of 3.5-4xD can be achieved resulting in high productivity and greatly reduced cycle times.

Applications & benefits:

  • High productivity machining of aluminium, aluminium alloys and non-ferrous materials
  • Superior grinding techniques provide high material removal rates and excellent chip evacuation
  • Suitable for HSM, slotting, roughing, finishing, trochoidal milling, profiling in mould and die, aerospace and other applications


  • Force-resistive submicrograin carbide for strength& toughness
  • Available with square corner, chamfer or various radii
  • Shank options HA/HB/HC(6h standard, others as required)
  • Superior grinding and reinforced flute – polished flute options
  • Optimised flute design for maximum chip space and swarf evacuation
  • Centre cutting and zero dish options
  • Superior primary relief grinding
  • Optional TX coating for ultimate abrasion resistance and low co-efficient of friction
  • Maintains sharp edges and also suitable for remanufacture and recoating
  • Surface thickness of 0.5-2μm and micro hardness of>500Hv

Further information available here.

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