QCRL 54 Quick Change Collet Chuck

Detailed Specification

QCRL54 collet chucks are suitable for spring and varibore collets increasing its flexibility.

Varibore collets allow rough, unfinished bar to be machined in the first operation and spring collets can be used for high accuracy in the second operation. Spring Collets, D853, and not readily available and are made to order.

Workpiece remains in a fixed position during actuation allowing for precise z-axis positioning. A tapered sleeve is pushed forward, compressing the collet and gripping the workpiece.

Quick Change Collet Chuck with 1.6 – 54mm gripping range and max speed of 6300 rpm.

  • Max Input Force (kN): 30
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 60
  • Weight (kg): 29
  • Suitable for D120 Varibore and D853 Spring collets.


Quick change cap with safety lock, ideally suited for barfeed applications.

Fixed length collet chuck available in a variety of mount types. 

  • Gripping Range (mm): 1.6 – 54
  • Collet Increment (mm): 3
  • Sleeve Stroke (mm): 7
  • Max Input Force (kN): 30
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 60
  • Matching Cylinder: S1552

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