QAD Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Detailed Specification

QAD SRM creates value for manufacturers by improving supplier collaboration, ensuring optimal sourcing and allowing for faster response to changes in supply and demand. The solution provides manufacturers and their suppliers a single point of entry to facilitate real-time communication, improve procurement processes and reduce inbound supply risks. It delivers value across direct and strategic indirect procurement activities by improving strategic sourcing, supplier quality management, contract management and supplier performance. 

The QAD SRM solution:

  • Automates and streamlines critical activities across the supplier lifecycle
  • Allows manufacturers and their suppliers to leverage a single portal, to access:
  • Supplier Management manages all supplier information to reduce discovery, onboarding, and qualification cycle time
  • Sourcing manages the electronic RFQ process with suppliers, from recording requirements to the RFI, RFQ, contracts, and finally the order
  • Auctions delivers superior sourcing results by tailoring the auction design to the negotiation situation and awarding strategy
  • QAD Demand and Delivery ensures visibility and collaboration on inventory, schedules, orders, shipments, invoices and replenishment requirements
  • Facilitates collaboration and information exchange with suppliers and partners, using configurable workflows, forms and questionnaires
  • Utilises download services for supplier documents including contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and General Terms and Conditions
  • Centralises supplier data storage so users can quickly search and filter by material groups and other master data fields
  • Automates the collection and organization of supplier documents (development data, contracts, and other documents)
  • Interfaces with trusted ESG and supply chain sources to help meet sustainability goals and mitigate risk
  • Provides procurement organizations with accurate and up-to-date supplier information 
  • Securely and electronically sign NDAs, contracts, and more through providers such as DocuSign
  • Defines supplier activities, tasks and approvals with a workflow engine for optimal source-to-pay processes
  • Includes predefined templates to ensure supplier information is reliably collected and shared

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