PSL Datatrack – Shop Floor – Shop Floor Data Collection – Production Control Software

Detailed Specification

Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) records activity from the shop floor with a choice of screen layouts to suit your style of production. The data captured includes time taken, quantity of components produced and/or scrapped together with reasons for issues encountered. Touch screens and bar code scanning are both supported.

SFDC can be integrated with the innovative status board display system for paperless distribution of information and instruction.

Works Order progress for setting and production can be recorded along with non-productive/down time. Categories can be defined to provide analysis of reasons for scrap & downtime.

SFDC integrates with the Work In Progress, Sequential Scheduler and post production Job Costing modules to provide up to date status of works orders and costs.


  • Records shop floor activity for comparison to quotations
  • Integration with scheduling modules for live works order status
  • Touch screens and barcode scanning supported

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