PSL Datatrack – Quotations – Production Control Software

Detailed Specification

The Quotations module is used to estimate the selling price of a component, assembly or product assembled from a BOM (Bill Of Materials) for a customer or internal account. Accounts are recorded in the Company Details module, which also stores your supplier account references.

The selling price is based on the cost of the production process, materials, tooling and any subcontract work. Operations are defined and assigned to machines/resources. Resources are all maintained in the Cost Centres module.

The Quotations module is the production control software equivalent of setting a machine tool – once the information has been entered at this stage, it can be reused throughout the rest of the PSL Datatrack system to prevent the manual retyping of data and possible human error.

A quotation provides the basis for a Process Layout/Route Card. The Process Layout can be given more detail if the quotation is successful and together become a master record that can be used and reused as often as required.

Process costs are calculated based on a choice of hourly rates with estimated set times, cycle times and process efficiencies. Material requirements can be calculated based on component dimensions.

Depending on the requirements of your business, quotations can be produced without providing engineering details. The sales price that is offered can be manually controlled with details added later.


  • Fast and accurate calculation of sales price
  • Professional quotation letters automatically generated
  • Data reused throughout remainder of production process

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