PSL Datatrack – Management – CRM/Tasks – Production Control Software

    PSL Datatrack – Management – CRM/Tasks – Production Control Software

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    Prospec Systems Limited is the market leading author and supplier of PSL Datatrack. The company was established in 1988 and has over 30 years of exper

    Detailed Specification

    The CRM/Task Module is a flexible sales, marketing and management tool that enables users to maximise their own administration efficiency, thereby laying the foundations for improvements in all their customer focused administration.

    It is designed to manage multiple tasks for multiple users within the business or organisation. Tasks can be linked to specific records within PSL Datatrack production control software modules or can be independent of any PSL Datatrack data. Tasks can be assigned to single or multiple users and task reminders can be issued by email.

    Tasks can be assigned for any purpose, e.g. chasing up a quotation, planned maintenance of machines, renewing insurance, updating quality manuals and many more.

    Sales pipeline reporting from within Quotations provides a forecast of likely income from grading quotations based on likelihood of receiving an order and expected order date.

    Management of multiple contacts for both customers and suppliers ensures that information is shared amongst all users leading to efficient professional accurate communication within your supply chain.