PSL Datatrack – Management – User Maintenance – Production Control Software

Detailed Specification

The User Maintenance module is used for maintaining User IDs, setting standard document text and defining standard delivery options. Access to User Maintenance requires an additional log on to prevent unauthorised access. A User ID can be created for each person who may use PSL Datatrack.

The number of User IDs can exceed the number of user licences held. The number of user licences controls the number of User IDs that can be in a system at any one time and can be added to as a business grows.

Standard text for a number of documents is held within this module. Some of this information cannot be modified elsewhere in the system as it requires control to ensure only authorised changes are made.

Standard delivery options and the associated cost are also defined and maintained here.


  • Maintains User IDs, document text and delivery options
  • Access levels set for each user
  • Reserved licences for system ‘super users’

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