PSL Datatrack – Financial – Invoicing & Credit Notes – Production Control Software

Detailed Specification

PSL Datatrack production control software enables invoicing of delivered items to be produced quickly and easily using information from deliveries and works orders.

Tight system control ensures that once goods have been delivered the invoice cannot be overlooked. Manual invoicing provides the ability to invoice non-manufactured items such as a used machine tool or tooling charges.

Large scale invoicing can be done automatically in seconds using the PSL Datatrack invoicing wizard.

Invoicing data, along with credit notes, can be imported to many well known accounts systems eliminating the need to re-key any details. You can then continue to use your preferred software for accounts functions whilst leaving the management of manufacturing to a dedicated, purpose designed production control system.


  • Invoices manufactured and non-manufactured items
  • Professional invoices automatically generated
  • Transfer of invoicing data to accounts systems

Credit Notes can be produced either based on a customer reject or manually, without a reject, to cater for any other agreement reached with your customer. As well as invoices, credit notes can be exported to many well known accounts systems.

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