PSL Datatrack – Administration – Cost Centres – Production Control Software

Detailed Specification

The PSL Datatrack Cost Centres module is used to define resources and assign costs that are used as the basis for calculating quotations and job costings. A cost centre can either be defined as an individual machine/resource or may be defined as a group.

Three types of cost can be defined for each Cost Centre. These are Setting £/hour, Production £/hour and Overhead £/hour. Setting and production rates provide the ability to specify a different rate based on the experience and cost of the personnel running the machine.

The module may also contain patterns that define the number of hours available on any given day to all machines within the same cost centre. These patterns are then used to enable the Sequential Scheduler to decide when to schedule works order operations.


  • Define resources and assign costs
  • Basis for calculating quotations and job costings
  • Department codes for scheduler ‘work to’ lists

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