New Patented Design 5 Axis Vice


    Supplied ByPremier Machine Tools Ireland

    Added to MTD CNC: Thu Jul 30 2020

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    Detailed Specification

    New 5 axis vice with patented and fully protected spindle, with 3 different options of clamping. Self-centering , double clamping or fixed.

    This design makes it possible to avoid having to remove the jaws in order to find the correct clamping position.

    Normally, vices with protected screws use the slide-way as a protection.

    This type of solution forces continuous displacement of the jaws in the appropriate seat.

    The IMG however, while keeping the screw completely protected, allows the continuous movement of opening and closing of the vice.

    The IMG self-centering vice can be easily transformed into a fixed or double clamping vice.

    When the vice is set for double clamping, it has a compensation mechanism that also allows you to clamp 2 different size work pieces, at the same time.