Jabro Ceramic End Mills

    Jabro Ceramic End Mills

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    Added to MTD CNC: Mon Nov 16 2020

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    Detailed Specification

    Advanced heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs) have always involved slower cutting speeds and thus longer machining cycle times that hinder maximum machine tool performance – until now.

    Cut your HRSA parts 200-400% faster with the new high-performance Jabro® ceramic solid end mills from Seco Tools. Featuring advanced SiAlON ceramics, brazed to a solid carbide shank for optimal vibration damping, these optimized tools allow manufacturers to fully utilize their high performance machine tools and fast forward their HRSA part productivity.

    Ceramic tools maximize material removal in HRSAs with a unique style of roughing that uses high speeds to reach extremely high temperatures at the tool tip. This allows for exceptional metal removal rates, but finishing operations still require conventional ceramic tooling, especially for parts intended for highly regulated industries.

    Optimize your HRSA processes by pairing Jabro® ceramic end mills with the JHP780, a proven high-performance carbide finishing tool.