Good Surface Finish when Roughing with Double Sided Inserts

    Good Surface Finish when Roughing with Double Sided Inserts

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    Added to MTD CNC: Tue Feb 16 2021

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    Detailed Specification

    Less Power Consumption, Smoother Cutting and Longer Tool Life.

    Using the most positive helix cutting angle geometry on the market today means less power consumption, smoother cutting, and longer tool life.

    Together with the impressive 90° angle accuracy and the double-sided inserts, using the Seco Double Turbo generates a good surface finish and optimizes costs.

    The longer your finishing operations take, the more time you spend machining a workpiece and the higher your cost per part.

    Now you can significantly shorten, or in some instances, completely eliminate your finishing time when machining with the new Double Turbo inserts.

    Finishing operations add the most time to overall part machining cycle times.

    The extremely impressive 90° angle accuracy of the Double Turbo inserts give a good surface finish with less mismatch and allow you to shorten machining times.