NSD XL Series CNC EDM Drill

Detailed Specification

Large Capacity EDM hole drill with all the features you come to expect from an NSD Machine.

Features include:

– Pitch Compensation System not just for X, Y, but also W-X, W-Y.

– High-quality level of build, based around a solid frame and 150mm granite work table ensuring exceptional machine stability.

– Usable electrode diameter 0.1-6mm.

– 0.01mm/100mm top to bottom hole accuracy.

– Easy to use – minimal user inputs to load cutting data and create CNC programs.

– Load CAD data directly- Load DXF files directly and select the points you wish to drill, the best tool path will be worked out for you automatically and the program written.

– Automatic wear check – the machine checks the exact wear based on real-time cutting information – wear ratios will be right every time.

– Breakthrough conditions – each cut will be automatically set for an entry, main, and exit cutting to ensure the best finish and high-speed machining.

– Included deionising and filtration system on all machines.

–Supports electrodes up to 700mm in length

–Auto tool and guide changer included as standard


Large Diameter Drill pack Guide plate and collet chuck up to 6mm

60A/100A power booster

EDM tapping attachment (M3-M12)

1-Axis Indexer

2 Axis Indexer

Double row tool changer

W Axis Riser (increases max guide height to 600mm above worktable)

This machine also comes with a range of customisation options get in touch with Eurospark to design a machine perfect for your applications.

Machine specification table can be found in the photos alternatively contact Eurospark for a leaflet on the unit.

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