New 6650 Self-centering Precision Vice

Detailed Specification

***New for 2024*** Self-centering Precision Vise 6650 Feautures: • Compact and symmetrical design makes this vise ideal for 5-axis machining centers. • Features serrated jaws, using which reduces the area needed for holding the workpiece to only 3 mm. That ensures better access to the workpiece from multiple angles and enables more complex machining operations. The advantage is reducing the machining cycle time, as well as the number of required machining operations and frequency of the tool exchanges. • The vise can be mounted on the machine table with clamps and T-nuts or with Bison type 6589 quick-fix bases. The vise is also compatible with 52 mm and 96 mm quick-fix bases available on the market (size of the compatible base depends on size of the vise). • Wide clamping range can be further increased by reversing the jaws. • The vise jaws have serrated surfaces, which can bite in the raw or heat-treated material. Pre-stamping is not required. • The jaws also have ground surfaces for clamping machined materials. • The jaws allow for mounting side-stops. • The operating screw is heat-treated for increased service time. • The vises with 2-piece jaws allow for exchanging the hard top jaws with soft top jaws. The soft top jaws can be machined for clamping parts of irregular shapes. • Self-centering clamping action distributes the clamping force between both jaws. The force is more evenly distributed across the area of the workpiece, minimizing the risk of damage or deformation.

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