HAAS Multigrind® CU

    HAAS Multigrind® CU

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    Detailed Specification

    The Multigrind® CU grinding center is the tool grinding specialist in our range of grinding machines. Why? In the past, manufacturers of machining tools often asked us if we would build a “little” Haas especially for their needs. Up until now, we’ve had the Multigrind® AF – a grinding machine that can be used to accurately grind precision machining tools to exact dimensions. But we and our customers both thought we could do better.

    We believe we’ve created a real gem in the Multigrind® CU. With a footprint of only 5.12 square meters and impressive technological features and performance, the Multigrind® CU is currently one of a kind.

    This compact space saver offers everything that demanding users want: a generously sized tool changer, a flexible dressing unit, and rapid automation. Above all, this grinding machine offers plenty of space inside to process machining tools and parts with a diameter up to 300 mm × 180 mm.

    For more information please contact Geo Kingsbury www.geokingsbury.com