HAAS Multigrind® CA

    HAAS Multigrind® CA

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    Detailed Specification

    Only a few months after its launch in the fall of 2010, the Multigrind®CA had already established its position on the market. The newest member of our grinding machine family is a fine, extremely compact, five-axis grinding center, packed with clever technical features. With a footprint of only 2,600 mm × 2,400 mm, the CA fits in every production hall.

    The CA, like its big sister the CB, is built in HAAS’s Multicube design – a clear and innovative design principle with harmonious lines, which offers an impressive level of stability and rigidity. Operators will appreciate the advantages of the generously sized workspace and, of course, the quality of the workpieces they machine with the CA. And the accounting department will be happily surprised by the down-to-earth price–performance ratio.

    Many operators today say that the CA is the right machine at the right time.


    For more information please contact Geo Kingsbury www.geokingsbury.com