Ex-Demo HAAS Y-Axis Lathe ST-20Y

    Ex-Demo HAAS Y-Axis Lathe ST-20Y

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    Detailed Specification

    Haas ST-20Y Y-Axis Lathe
    Ex-Demo Haas F1 Team Showroom

    The Haas F1 Team showroom in Banbury is being restocked. A limited number of low hours CNC machines have become available.

    Low Hours • Big Savings • Full Warranty • Fast Delivery

    The ability to turn and mill complex parts and perform multiple operations on one machine increases throughput, reduces handling, and improves accuracy.

    The Haas ST-20 Series Y-axis turning centres provide 101 mm of Y-axis travel (±50,8 mm from the centreline) for off-centre milling, drilling, and tapping, and come standard with high-torque live tooling and a servo-driven C-Axis for versatile 4-axis capability.

    The ST-20Y has a maximum capacity of 304 x 520 mm, and features a 14,9 kW spindle that turns to 4 000 rpm and yields 203 Nm of torque at 700 rpm. A 12-station hybrid BOT/VDI turret is standard, and rapids are 24 m/min.

    Call 01603 760539 for further details on the Haas range of CNC machine tools or to discuss your requirements with a Haas expert.


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