Ex-Demo HAAS Super Mini Mill 10,000rpm

    Ex-Demo HAAS Super Mini Mill 10,000rpm

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    Haas Super Mini Mill
    Ex-Demo Haas F1 Team Showroom

    The Haas F1 Team showroom in Banbury is being restocked. A limited number of low hours CNC machines have become available.

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    Haas Automation’s Super Mini Mill is based on the ever-popular Mini Mill. The Super Mini Mill takes up little shop floor space yet provides a generous work envelope of 16″ x 12″ x 10″. It comes standard with a 10,000-rpm spindle, 30.5m/min rapids, 1 MB of program memory and a high-speed tool changer.

    The Super Mini Mill features a 15-hp vector drive spindle that accepts standard 40-taper tooling. With cutting feedrates up to 21.2m/min, 30.5m/min rapids and 2.5-second tool changes, cycle times on the Super Mini Mill are kept to a minimum. The 914 x 305mm table provides plenty of room for fixturing, rotary tables or indexing units.

    Call 01603 760539 for further details on the Haas range of CNC machine tools or to discuss your requirements with a Haas expert.


    More information here: www.haas.co.uk/smm.html



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