MIETrak Pro – Works Order

    MIETrak Pro – Works Order

    Supplied ByMIE Solutions UK Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Tue Apr 28 2020

    MIE Solutions UK Ltd based in Worcestershire are one of the leading providers of MRP production control software for the entire manufacturing sector.

    Detailed Specification

    Works Order

    MIETrak Pro’s Works Order module comprises of manufacturing

    processes and BOM’s for either single detail or multi-level assemblies ensuring accurate data onto the shop floor.


    Accurate works order costings

    BOM status

    Labour tracking

    On-time analysis

    Efficiency levels

    Productivity rates

    Projected profitability analysis

    Full reporting

    Total visibility of current production

    Potential problem identification

    Create works order nests

    Production overview capabilities

    MRP incorporated