MIETrak Pro – Shop Floor Data Capture

    MIETrak Pro – Shop Floor Data Capture

    Supplied ByMIE Solutions UK Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Wed Jul 14 2021

    MIE Solutions UK Ltd based in Worcestershire are one of the leading providers of ERP production control software for the entire manufacturing sector.

    Detailed Specification

    Shop Floor Data Capture

    MIETrak Pro offers different options for shop floor data capture. Any type selected ensures real time and accurate data is always readily available giving total visibility at all times.


    Track all jobs at all times

    Record payable hours

    Non-productive control

    Real time costing analysis

    Inspection and quality control

    Real time reporting and graphical representation

    Accurate scheduling

    Generate efficiency and productivity levels by department, work center, machines or employee

    Production overview

    Stock control and inventory management


    All the benefits as listed for barcoding

    View any document attachments

    Link documents and images

    Electronic work to lists

    Produce engineering change requests from the shop floor

    Enter comments, tooling requests or quality instructions

    Purchase order requisitions

    Encourages a paperless environment