Micromag HP50 Magnetic Filter

Detailed Specification

The Micromag HP50 has all the same benefits of the standard Micromag but has been developed to suit high pressure through-spindle-coolant applications, where the smallest of particles can damage seals, spindles and even reduce the efficiency of the cutting tool.

Micromag HP50 can be installed anywhere in the fluid delivery system and will ensure that even sub-micron magnetic and para-magnetic particles are removed before they can cause any expensive damage.

Cleaning Using the supplied cleaning tool, a fully contaminated core can be cleaned in under 30 seconds. Only metallic particles are removed from the filter and these can be easily disposed. There are no dirty cartridges!

Suitable Products Neat and soluble oils.

Installation Location Pre- or post-pump, delivery line, spindle feed or pre membrane cartridge.


■ High pressure

■ Sub micron filtration

■ Large holding capacity

■ High intensity rare earth magnetic material

■ Suitable for all machining applications

■ Environmentally responsible

■ No consumables Category High pressure.

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