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    Detailed Specification

    The FA1050S is a heavy-duty horizontal machining centre featuring a 6,000 RPM direct-drive spindle, with options of a 6,000 RPM geared-head spindle or 15,000 RPM spindle, and a rapid feedrate of 24 m/min. The machine’s box guideways, robust column and bed, and large workpiece swing allow for powerful machining with high accuracy.

    Pallet Size 1,050 mm x 1,050 mm

    Table Index Rotary table (1 degree)

    X-Axis Trave 1,600 mm

    Y-Axis Travel 1,400 mm

    Z-Axis Travel 1,150 mm

    Max Workpiece Swing 1,850 mm

    Max Workpiece Height 1,550 mm

    Maximum Work Load on the Pallet 6,600 lb (3,000 kg)

    Spindle Output Torque 530 Nm

    Available Spindle CAT#50 60HP 6,000 RPM (Geared Head 1,305 Nm)

    Available Spindle CAT#50 50HP 15,000 RPM (Wide Range 530 Nm)

    Rapid Feedrate (X axis) 24 m/min

    Rapid Feedrate (Y axis) 24 m/min

    Rapid Feedrate (Z axis) 24 m/min

    Tool Storage Capacity 60 Standard (120, 190, 240 Optional)

    Standard Floor Space 5,460 mm x 8,140 mm

    Machine Height 4,100 mm

    Standard Net Weight 30,000 kg