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    Detailed Specification

    The column moving type machine series is a new generation of horizontal machining centres. The CMH500XL comes with a CT 40, 20 HP, 8,000 RPM spindle and a 40 automatic tool changer as a standard feature. This machine is designed to be able to machine long difficult-to-handle applications.

    Spindle Speed 8,000 RPM

    Available Spindle CT40 20HP 8,000 RPM

    Spindle Nose Taper CT40

    Tool Storage Capacity 40

    CNC Controller Fanuc OiMF

    X-Axis Travel 800 mm

    Y-Axis Travel 550 mm

    Z-Axis Travel 550 mm

    Rapid Traverse X, Y, & Z Axes 40/40/40 m/min

    Maximum Work Load on the Pallet 500 kgf

    Distance from Spindle Face to Pallet Centre 150 mm – 700 mm

    Distance from Spindle Centre to Pallet Top 120 mm – 670 mm

    Spindle Bearing Diameter 70 mm