DT32CD Vertical dual-table machining centre

    DT32CD Vertical dual-table machining centre

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    Detailed Specification


    Table                   Table size (dual pallet)             2 × 600×375 mm

                                Load / pallet                            2 × 400 kg

                                Pallet surface type                   2 × 20-M16

                                Total table size                         900 ×600 mm

                                Table index                              Direct turn

    Travels                 Longitudinal (X Axis)                520 mm

                                Cross travel (Y Axis)                 320 mm

                                Vertical (Z Axis)                       300 mm

                                Spindle nose to table top          200 ~500 mm

                                Column to spindle centre          408 mm

    Spindle                 Spindle taper                           BBT30 (face & taper)

                               Spindle speed                        12,000 rpm

                                Drive method                           Direct drive

    ATC                      Tool storage capacity               24 tools

                                Tool diameter (full ATC)           Ø70 mm

                                Tool diameter (adj. empty)       Ø120 mm

                                Tool length                              200 mm

                                Tool weight                              5 kg

                                Tool change method                Twin-arm

                                Tool to tool time                       0.9 secs

                                Chip to chip time                      1.9 secs

    Feed rates            Rapid traverse X, Y, Z               48/48/48 M/min

    Motor                   Spindle motor                          5.5/3.7 kW

                                Total power requirement          20 kVA

    Dimensions          Height                                     2,450 mm

                                Floor space                              1,900 × 2,800 mm

                                Machine mass                          3,700 kg

    Control                                                                 Fanuc 0i-MD