MicroCentric Diaphragm chucks offer accuracy and consistency

    MicroCentric Diaphragm chucks offer accuracy and consistency

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    Based in the heartland of British precision engineering, the company now ranks among the world's top suppliers of Chucks, Workholding, Workpiece &

    Detailed Specification

    The MicroCentric MBS range of diaphragm chucks available exclusively from

    Tamworth-based workholding specialist, Leader Chuck Systems, have been designed

    and manufactured to support modern high performance machining operations.

    Providing process safety, short setup times, high speed and high accuracy, MBS

    diaphragm chucks offer manufacturing companies some major advantages.

    Traditional 3- and 4-jaw chucks feature sliding jaws that move to clamp and release

    the workpiece, in operation diaphragm chucks differ as the jaws are opened, 1.6 mm

    on diameter, by deforming the diaphragm plate they are mounted upon. This is

    achieved by use of the draw-tube or by an inbuilt air cylinder using pneumatic

    pressure. It can be applied to OD machining and ID clamping with a mandrel-type

    jaw design.

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    Once the pressure required to deform or bend the diaphragm is released it returns

    to its normal, clamped condition, making it fail-safe during use. MBS chucks also

    ‘pull back’ the workpiece to physical stops that help to achieve the <2 micron

    accuracy levels attained.

    The pneumatically activated MBS-L and -DL ranges extend from 80 to 300 mm and

    125 to 300 mm respectively. Clamping forces are from 50 to 3,640 daN consistently

    held at speeds up to 11,000 rpm. Operated by draw-tube the MBS-Z and –DZ ranges

    cover the same diameters but the clamping forces increase with 1,790 to 6,230 daN

    available. Both the –DL and –DZ are through bore chucks.

    However the diaphragm is actuated the clamping force can be varied even when the

    spindle is turning. So, thin-walled or semi-flexible parts can be securely held while

    the very accurate adjustment of the clamping force ensures no deformation of the

    part during any machining operations.

    Sealed by design without jaw guideways the MicroCentric MBS chucks are virtually

    maintenance and lubrication free for a lifetime. Enveloping the raw material to

    provide a high degree of surface contact and with the ability to finely adjust the

    clamping force they are especially suited to the machining of abrasive and fragile

    materials such as pre- (green) and post-sintered carbide metals and ceramics.

    MicroCentric MBS diaphragm chucks can be used by engineering companies to

    introduce more efficient manufacturing methods, as Leader’s Managing Director,

    Mark Jones, explains: “A diaphragm chuck can be used on a CNC turning centre or a

    grinding machine, and is the ideal workholding solution for finishing hardened parts

    such as rotors and stators. There is a significant cost saving in terms of equipment

    and cycle times between grinding and hard turning operations.

    “In addition to the machine characteristics, there have been great advances in

    turning inserts that can provide the fine micro finish needed for hard turning. So,

    there is an increase in productivity with a corresponding decrease in cost achieved

    when using a diaphragm chuck.”


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