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Leader unveils new spindle tooling partnership

Supplied By Leader Chuck

Added to MTDCNC: Mon Apr 6 2020

Detailed Specification

Leader Chuck International is delighted to announce the details of its new partnership with KTA Spindle Tooling. Manufacturing precision tool holders for the global manufacturing industry sectors, KTA Spindle Tooling’s adds a comprehensive range of hydraulic tool holding chucks to Leaders’ extensive portfolio. With more than three decades experience in the design and manufacture of tool holders and a production capacity of 10,000 holders per month, extensive stock is held at the company’s facility in southern Germany for timely delivery. For more information click here KTA operates to an accredited ISO-9001 Quality Management System and the products, including hydraulic expansion chucks, shrink fit holders, tapping chucks for synchronized tapping cycles, tapping chucks operating on expansion and compression, ER collet chucks, face mill holders, Weldon holders, are produced to very tight tolerances and balanced to G 2.5 (vibration velocity in mm/s) at 25,000 RPM. Hydraulic chucks are, by design, easy to use and maintain, and with reduction sleeves can be used for drilling, reaming and milling operations. All these chucks are guaranteed run out accuracy of less than 5 micron which supports extended tool life tool and machine tool operational longevity. Hydraulic chucks provide high accuracy, typically 0.003 mm, and repeatability with exceptional torque transfer of cutting forces. They are ideal for mould & die making as well as the machining of precision automotive and aerospace components. Available mounts include BT, KBT, SK and HSK, CAT, Cylindrical Shank, VDI Shank and ER. For more information click here

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